Cabrio cable car Tires

The Tiers / Tires cabrio cable car

Experience the high-altitude plateau beneath the Rose Garden without relying on cars! One-of-a-kind convertible aerial tram in Italy

A new 3.8-km-long reversible aerial tram with a capacity of 60 passengers connect the Tiers / Tires Valley with the Rose Garden. It is possible to travel from St. Zyprian / San Cipriano to the Frommer Alm in the Carezza Dolomites Ski Area and the Rose Garden hiking area in just seven minutes. The cable car traverses a total of 644 meters in altitude. From the Frommer Alm, you can then take the new König Laurin cable car to the underground mountain station at the Cologne Hut and begin exploring the magnificent empire of King Laurin.

Under the motto "less is more – nothing is better!", the renowned South Tyrolean architect Werner Tscholl has seamlessly embedded the valley and mountain stations into the fascinating landscape of the Rose Garden. The stations vanish into the meadows. Only the entrances and exits are still visible.

The operation of the Tschein chairlift during the summer season, too, now affords visitors a new tour at the foot of the Rose Garden: You can now take the cableways and continue a couple of minutes on foot to reach Lake Carezza – and also take the return trip – all without having to use a car. The connection to the hiking trails leading to Tiers / Tires – especially towards the Haniger Schwaige – by the new cableways represent an additional plus.